• Nationality: Lebanese/Italian

  • Genre: Pop/Dance

Natalia Itani  half Italian half Lebanese living in Uae Dubai for the past 10 year. Carrying a master degree in business marketing from the Lebanese American university chartered by New York.

Graduated back in 2006 I started my first job in a real estate company where I have learnt a lot.

To then moved to a couple of other jobs with a higher management position.

To finally partnering with her  own husband for the past 7 years.

One of the things people know about her is that I am huge car enthusiast. Cars have taken over my life ever since I started working with her husband.

As a mother of two and despite being a very busy business woman and mother She always find time to be at any car event.

It’s good to mingle with people who have same interests and lifestyle.

Her favorite car is the Lamborghini huracan the LP 610/4.

SheI foiled it in purple as she think it’s unique and it makes it stand out more.

Her own company @gulffoil foiled it for her.

They did a great job. She had a lot of people asking her about the color reference and they actually did foil their cars with the same color.

It’s an honor for her to be an inspiration for people She never met and especially be an inspiration for herself as she’s very proud of what she have become today.

Striving to give her kids the best life out there by making them know the value of money and showing them that nothing comes on a platter of gold.

We all have to work hard to achieve our dreams in life and I do wish everyone out there get to what they want by aiming for it and not just wishing for it.