• Nationality: Indian 

  • Genre: Rap / Hip Hop 


Discovering his love for music at the age of ten, the ‘Indian by blood-born and raised in Dubai’ rapper soon found himself penning down songs to, during and from school. Mostly in private, his skills developed based around word play, punchlines and freestyling. 

Out of high school and into college, he released his first and only mix tape “Pressure” in 2010. Completely written and laid out by himself over instrumentals of mainstream artists, the mix tape generated a small but loyal following. Both, locally (UAE) and internationally (Asia). Due to the lack of a scene at the time in the city, the artist assumed it was fair for him to focus on his degree to get back to the music after. 

With a decent number of new comers solidifying the scene, his assumption was wrong. Time and personal limitations didn’t mean another mix tape. Instead, the artist worked with close and long time friends (Jason Jase / Quizy Quiz) to put out a number of singles now and again. 

Being heavily influenced by Eminem and J Cole primarily, and living in a constant state of “too foreign for home, too alien for here” , the artist’s tracks take many forms. From flexing talent, to straight story telling, all the way to one take-joke tracks, Storm Fernandes tries to apply himself based on the track and the focus of it, either complicating or simplifying himself as he goes along. There is never any predictability to what may come next. 

Currently working around two jobs and full time commitments, the artist aims to form alliances with talent locally. Building a new sound wherever and whenever given the opportunity.