GTR Recording Studio

 Founded by Salvo Riggi in 2009

Since then GTR Recording Studio is helping hundreds of Artists, Singers and Film makers to achieve their goals and big dreams.

We have composed, made and launched several Viral Videos, Songs, Music and Short Films since 2009.

Nothing is impossible in Music or Film Industry with two major things i.e Experience and Equipment, So don’t hesitate, let us help you to go big.

GTR Recording Studio offering studio recordings for creative TV commercial production, Voice Over Music, Music for TV, Library Music and Music for Video Production located in Dubai We pride ourselves on some of the best recording studios in Dubai whilst being at the forefront of professional audio production since 2010.

We’re all about

Making a big difference

To you

What makes us different is we get to know you as an individual or as a corporate and your company. We are a friendly, approachable, creative recording studio. we are now a flourishing studio with a excellent reputation. In few short years we have helped create, build and promote brands and artists from all sectors and can demonstrate a varied portfolio of work. We have also acquired local, national and international clients and continue to build strong relationships.